ALIEN RECON is a good times, hard Rocking band doing their version of Melodic Metal with an Alien Twist. 

Alien Recon is "the Real Deal", writing songs based on things of Mystery and the Not Readily Known, which often times means falling into the Category of the Paranormal. Alien Recon delve into things which Eludes Most of the “Mainstream Sciences” and might be viewed as “unsafe” for ones career to chat about on the "Normal" everyday Television News.Their Songs are inspired from the Strange and Unique Writings and/or Stories of Researchers, Stories which consists of Aliens, Space Travel, Time Travel, Alternate Realities, Ghosts, Weird Sciences, etc. Some of which can be rather controversial, Strange, hard to believe or just plain mind bending in nature. This coupled with their love of hard Rockin' Music makes for some Really Interesting Songs. Alien Recon also Loves the Stage, and plans on going back to doing a rather large amount of Events and Shows after the recording sessions, as if continuing on with some sort of unspoken tradition. Alien Recon knows writing these kinds of songs is not the easiest to produce and get label support for, but for this band, it all comes down to feeling good about what they do and how it inspires others Something they have been doing with much success for quite a while now.