Released Our New Video on Youtube

We Lost one of our own,  Sending Condolences from all of us in Alien Recon to our former Singer and Sister Wendy Parker. Also, Want to send Condolences to Zack, and the entire Family. We're Gonna Miss Bert. You Can Send you're thoughts and Prayers to Wendy's facebook page...


Our Bernie Sanders Mitten Meme.  "Captain Sanders and Alien Recon's Top Priority"!




Merry Christmas Everyone!! Hope the New Year is a Rockin Year!! Hope everyone Has a great 2021....

Sending our very best to all of you, Take care of yourselves and please stay safe

We want to be able to see all of our friends and family when this is all over.

Video image captured from a clip from the new video we're working on.

Looking forward to releasing this video and the new album real soon.

A couple more pics from the upcoming video.

We wanted to say a few words for Ralph

Smith, our friend, amazing photographer

and fellow musician. Also want to send

our very best and condolences to 

Rebecca and entire family. We are so

very sorry this has happened to such

an amazing guy. We are going to miss

him. Rest in Peace Ralph.

We like so many we are STILL exercising "Social distancing." Everyone of us

(band and Recon support) are more than ready to get back out there and

play live and chat with all of our friends, fans and family. Looking forward

to getting the Green light. Stay safe everyone.

We have fixed the store and music part of this site, again. yep again! Had some problems with external links changing multiple times, etc. Thanks for being so patient.

Saying Happy Birthday To our Drummer, Happy Birthday Ken!! Hope it is an amazing Birthday!!

Hey Everyone, Hope you are all OK and feeling well. Thank you for all your concerns, as of now we are all doing well and are healthy. We are Recording the last parts of the next Album and doing everything we can to put the finishing touches on it. We may wait a bit to release it so as to make it as easy to get as possible for everyone. The pandemic raging across the world will make for some cancellations in our shows, etc. but we hope it will only be a short hiccup in what we are doing both in our recording schedule and live events.  Thanks again for everything, Alien Recon Fans are the best!! So stay safe, Stay healthy and keep Rocking everyone.

Really Excited to be working with Susan Needles,  She is an amazing Singer & Performer. Very much looking forward to doing some really cool shows with her. Don't miss seeing us coming up around the first of the year. We're gearing up to do some really awesome things in 2020.

This is Glenn Fricker, a no nonsense, tell it like it is, multi-talented audio engineer and producer. He also has a good deal of experience with some of the business aspects of the recording business and is involved in running a studio. Adding to his list of abilities, he's been a musician involved with bands that were writing and performing their own music.  Which seems to have given him a more than balanced perspective on the process.  This guy is amazing!  Glenn Rocks!  We like his attitude and we really like his mixes and mastering. We also like that he's passing on his knowledge, experience, and Tips  and Tricks to the masses, much of which are created in his spare time as well.  All made available to anyone who wants to watch his videos.  If you want to learn something about recording, mixing and mastering, what Not to say to your engineer, or get reviews on equipment etc. or just get some good advice, check out his videos on youtube or check out the Spectre Media Group Website. The videos are packed with information, Passion,  and are very, very cool. 

Thanks for everything Glenn


(Spectre Sound Studios on Youtube)

We don't back extra products just because, We like what we like and use

what works best for us and our Style, (Such as Coffin, Gibson,

B C Rich, Ibanez, D'aadario, GHS, Fender, Peavey, Bugera,

Tama, Zildian, Qsc and Sure.)

Someone asked what we were using for equipment after our

latest commentary on equipment and such, so that's the

short list. We generally stick with what sounds

best to us while working very reliably.

Check out Coffin Cases they are ultra cool!!

Love these Cases and the instruments inside the cases as well,

They Rock and look amazing too!!

Hope to see everyone for Wendy's last show. We can't say enough good about her and her talents. Come say hi to her and chat with her a bit. I have no doubt that she will love to chat with you.




JULY 13TH 2019






Thanks Blaine for sending us this Photo of Alien Days!! Had an amazing Night!! Great fun with the Tin Foil Hat Contest. Loved getting a chance to chat with everyone. Love Mike, Becky and The Mac Club, Love Alien Days!!



Great times at the Mac Club!! Awesome party!! Thanks everyone, especially Mike and Becky, for making this an amazing night!!

We're at the Mac Club for the VIP Birthday Party Event. Don't miss this since we won't be playing shows for a short while. We have lots of work to do in the studio to get the next album out so we will be putting a priority on Recording for a few months. Lot's of things are coming in 2019.

Merry Christmas Everyone, hope everyone has an amazing holiday season.

Just wanted to say a few words about one of our own, Diesel, as he was known, (Vince knupp) Has Passed away. He was working with another band at the time of his passing, but we connected with him on a regular basis. He was a great friend and he was a Great guy to work with. He was a really good tech and kept everyone laughing and on track. He was a great all around guy to be around. We are Shocked and deeply Saddened by his passing. All of us are Sending our Condolences to his Family and Friends. Rest in Peace Bro. You will be Missed.

Working on the next Album, spending a lot of time in the studio again. As always making every effort to create the best album we can. It's taking a while but we want the best of the best on this album. 

Don't miss the Zombie Prom this year, October 26th Starts at 6:00 Pm $6.00 at the door. 1 DJ 3 bands, going to be amazing.

Alien Recon will be at Westside Station to Celebrate Angie, Michelle and Lisa's Birthday Friday and Saturday, September 14th and 15th. Looking forward to seeing everyone.
















Taking some Time off from the Studio,

playing a show at the Westside Station.

Gonna Be Great Fun!!!
















Look forward to seeing you there.

Going to be an amazing night!!

Alien Recon and Rock Candi.



















Always a really great time!!!

Looking forward to seeing everyone

again this Year. UFO FEST IS THE BEST. 









Alien Recon having a really amazing time

with the best of friends Willie and Terra!





















Good times hanging out with the best of

friends. Terra Rocks!
















Don't miss us at Westside!! Really

having a great time here. Great place

to be. Looking forward to a

week end of good times.
















Sending out a Big Time Happy Birthday

to Ken,  our Drummer & Vocalist.
















Looking forward to being able to

support Mark Davis at this Show

at Shotski's. This is going to be a

really good show and a Really good

Cause. Mark is a great Guitar Talent

and a really good friend of this Band,

So we want to do what ever we can

for him. Put this on your Calendar and

help us show our love and Support for

one of the Best Guys Around.

Watch the Schedule!! Lot's of Live shows coming up!!

Still Recovering from Davy's Birthday Party!! Amazing Night!!!










Don't Miss Davy's Birthday Party at the Mac

Club, one of our Most favorite Hangouts!!! Going to be Great Fun!!!

Davy's Headless Gibson Firebird!! Featured in a Metal Mag in Romania.

Looking forward to this Saturdays party!!

Come party with us. Saturday January 6th 2018 9:00 PM. @ the Mac Club in McMinnville.

Thanks everyone for requesting our songs be played on the Radio! You Rock!!! No Doubt about it.

Lot of Studio time, etc. Still working on the next album, we can't wait to see what people think of it. Going to put a lot of extra hours into this next album until we get just what we want out of this one.

Getting ready to schedule some Shows again, Working in the Studio a lot, but want to get out there and enjoy the stage as well. 



Thanks everyone for coming out and Rocking with Us. Had a really Awesome time at Westside Station. Always Enjoy Being there.











Band and Friends at Westside Station.

Playing A Week end

@ Westside Station

August 11th and 12th.

Going to be an

amazing week end.

Going to be

lots of fun.


Great times at Shotskis! Thanks everyone for all the Support! You Rock for sure!


















August 3rd we'll be at Shotski's on State Street, Playing our own music. Don't miss this one, It will be cool for sure. We get to have a lot of fun doing this Show. Planning on enjoying every moment of it! Cool Place to hang out too.                                                                                      

Working on Album number #3, Have a new Computer to Lay Tracks with and it Rocks!! Very Cool, works much Better than the last one which was slightly overworked and in need of some rather extensive repairs. Have plans to make a Rockin' CD! We're really enjoying the process and hope to put out some amazing songs. Also want to thank everyone for all the Help. You Rock!! No Doubt about it!! It's Helped us speed up the process and make everything much easier. No more fighting the old system.

On more Radio Shows again because you Requested it. Thanx Everyone for Requesting Alien Recon!! You Rock!

We Were on the Brew, 105.9 Last week, Cool to here what people think of Us. We all Listen to 105.9 a Lot. Very Cool as far as Radio Goes.

Was Really Awesome to See Tracie again Last Night!! She really looked good, So Happy She's Beating Cancer. Praying and Hoping she does really well and she is cancer free for many years to come.

Thanks everyone for all the Radio Requests and Thanks to all of those who put us on Radio, You Definitely Rock!! We can't say how much we Appreciate this. Over 230 Worldwide and Counting. This definitely Puts Smiles on our Faces.

SHOW CANCELLED!,  The Tardis Room show has been cancelled. Working on Shows for Portland, Hope to get all of that going real soon.




















March 25th!! Don't Miss this, Going to be

Awesome!! Love Rocking Rumours!

March 11th SHOW CANCELLED DUE TO SCHEDULING ERRORS BEYOND OUR CONTROL. Mistakes Happen. Hope no one went and was Surprised that we weren't there Due to being rescheduled. Rumours is a Great place to be, and their was a band there. We just wanted people who are making decisions of where they were going would be able to know all of the details of what was happening before hand.  Hope this wasn't an inconvenience for anyone and hope to see all of you at Rumours March 25th, Rumours Restaurant and Lounge. 282 N 3rd Ave. Stayton Or.




















Rescheduled to March 25th

Gonna Be a Rockin' Good Time!! Don't miss this,

it's going to be a lot of fun.




















Get to play one of our favorite Places to

Hang out!! Gonna be really Cool!!

Gonna be Lots of Fun!!

Come hang out with us.












Wanted to Thank everyone, DJs and Fans alike, for all the Support and Help getting our songs out. Over 120 Radio Stations Have played "Push Through the Pain" off of our Album Conspiracy Theory. Because of the Overwhelming Response, quite a few have Put it into Rotation!! This song has a lot of meaning for us. We're so Glad that this Song is getting so much attention. Can't Thank Everyone enough, You Rock!!




















Don't miss this one cause we're gonna Party!

Going to be Really Cool!! See you Saturday

February 11th at Rumours in Stayton!










Wanted to Thank everyone for Coming out and Supporting Tracie. Very much glad that we had a Good number of our people that showed up. This was really important to us cause Tracie is such an amazing person and everyone who could show up did. Very Cool!! Thanks to all of you from all of us and all of our hopes and Prayers go out to Tracie













BENEFIT SHOW at Rumours  Restaurant and Lounge. Saturday February 4th, Show Starts at 5:00 PM,  282 N 3rd Avenue Stayton, Oregon. What ever you do, Don't Miss this one! Going to be 6 Very Cool, Top Level Bands playing for a really good Cause. This is something we care a great deal about. We very much hope that you come out, enjoy the Music and help us support this Great Cause. 

Help us make a Difference. Do something Special this Saturday.

















Playing with the Folly and Captain Wails and the Harpoons,  January 7th, 8:00 Pm 1128 Edgewater NW. Salem, Oregon! Good Times for sure!! 

Had a Great time on New Years Eve!! Rang in the Evening With Union Avenue and Tough Guy!! Good times. Thanks everyone!

Very Much Looking forward to Ringing in the New Year Saturday December 31st at the 1st Street Pub. in Newberg Or. It's Gonna be Off the Hook!! 3 Bands, 3 times the Fun!! Alien Recon plus Union Avenue and Tough Guy will be there!

New Years Eve Party!!! Don't Miss this one!We're Gonna be there with Union Avenue and Tough Guy! Gonna Be a Rocking good Time No Doubt About it!!!

The New Years Eve Show you don't want to Miss


Special Guest Sara Wedel Singing for us December 3rd 2016, We really loved having Sara Perform with us.

Hey everyone, Thanks for making December 3rd at Rumours Amazing!! We had an incredible time there. Awesome Birthday Party for Becky too. Was Great Fun for all of us.